Energy-Optimal Technologies, Logistic and Safety on Transport

Lviv, Ukraine, 22 - 23 october 2020


Змушені Вам повідомити, що, у зв'язку із погіршенням санітарно-епідеміологічного стану, поширенням COVID-19 та прийняттям урядом відповідних указів, спільним рішенням наукового та організаційного комітетів конференції, запланований захід цього року проводитись не буде.

Ми обов'язково проведемо конференцію у 2021 році. Про дату та місце проведення буде оголошено на цьому сайті.

Просимо Вас із розумінням віднестись до ситуації, яка виникла.

We are forced to inform you that due to the deteriorating sanitary and epidemiological situation, the spread of COVID-19 and the adoption of relevant decrees by the government, the joint decision of the scientific and organizational committees of the conference, the planned event will not be held on this year.

We going to exactly hold a conference in 2021. The date and venue will be announced on this site.

We ask you to understand the situation that has come up.

The next International Scientific and Practical Conference
"Energy-optimal technologies, logistic and safety on transport"
will be held in Lviv on October 22-23, 2020

The conference is initiated by the Dnipro National University of Railway Transport named after academician V. Lazaryan, Non-Governmental Organization "Linia102.Ua". Co-organizers of the conference also are the Faculty of Transport of Warsaw University of Technology and the Railway Research Institute (Warsaw).

Directors and representatives of manufacturing enterprises, scientific institutions and educational institutions of the transport industry of Ukraine and European Union, leading European experts in the transport industry, are invited to participate in the conference. New results of theoretical and experimental research and actual problems of science and technic development will be heard and discussed during the conference in the following scientific directions:

   - energy-optimized technologies, energy efficiency and energy management on transport;
   - ecology of rolling stock and objects of transport infrastructure;
   - interoperability, safety and certification on transport;
   - modern technologies of organization of international transportations and logistics;
   - transport design;
   - interaction of railways and industrial enterprises.

The indicated directions are especially actual and relevant for the western region of Ukraine, the border areas of Ukraine and Poland, the development of the transport complex of Lviv region and all EU countries.

The need for this conference arose in connection with the reform of the railway transport of Ukraine in accordance with the requirements of EU legislation. This implies a new model of the railroad market, the expected entry into the market of competitive, efficient, mobile participants - both private and public ownership.

The format of the conference provides for the expansion of the site for establishing close links between scientists, manufacturers of products for rail transport, logistics operators and other transport companies, which had been created during the previous conferences held on June 18-19, 2018 and September 19-20, 2019.

Participants at the conference will are discussed important topics for improving the efficiency of the companies operating in the transport industry. Leading European speakers, representatives of the scientific organizations and transport companies and other participants will are shared their best practices to the audience.

Conference languages: English, Ukrainian and Polish.

Materials of the previous conference and its Resolution can be downloaded at the following links:

Links to articles at the resource MATEC Web of Conferences


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